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FTM Platinum has been proudly working with Jewish couples up and down the country for 3 years now.

We're also proud partners of the global Jewish Wedding Blog 'Smashing the Glass'.

We are able to provide a variety of services that are specifically geared towards making your wedding extra special.

- Chazzan to sing for your traditional ceremony with backing band - on request

- Up to 25 minutes of live Hora Dancing with the Luna Showband or the Legends Collective, playing upbeat Israeli Dancing tunes

- Music throughout the day. We can provide jazz trios, pop duos, harp players, you name it! We can ensure that there's music from the second your first guest arrives to the very end of your special day.

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"Huge, huge thank you to Joe and the rest of the Luna Showband for making our wedding! The band are true professionals who worked tirelessly in the lead up to deliver the most perfect wedding music for us and I cannot recommend working with them enough.


The band were great throughout the day, especially when it came to the specific Jewish elements. They worked closely with our cantor on the music for the ceremony and later in the day did a fantastic job of keeping all our guests involved during the Israeli dancing! We had lots of guests who hadn’t been to a Jewish wedding before and absolutely loved the whole thing!

We had so many compliments on the day and were delighted by the set list, the music and the team. Can't wait to see them again soon!"


Adam Yaffe, wedding in London



- Do you want a traditional Cantor for your ceremony or one that draws influence from pop music?


- How long will our guests last when dancing the Hora?

- Do I want all music to be live throughout the day or could a DJ work for me?

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